Friday, September 2, 2011

Emerson's Surgery

On August 22 Emerson had a tonsil and adnoidectomy. He had been having issues for the last year. He had a raspy voice, snoring, restless sleep, food obversions, gagging issues and a general decline in his food intake. After taking him to a specialist I was told his tonsils and adnoids were enlarged by 90% and were blocking his airway. The doctor was concerened with sleep apnea and said he could possibley stop breathing while sleeping. They suggested we get them out ASAP. SO we did. He came through the surgery with flying colors but had a bad reaction to the anestesia and became combative. The nurses had to put him back under in order to stop him. Once he saw me, he was fine. Whiney but fine. He wanted to go home. It had been a very long day. After 2 hours in recovery we were able to take our little bubba home. He rested for several days before returning to his regular rambunctious self. Now after almost 2 weeks he is just the same old Emmy!