Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Triples!

Well, it's that time of year again. The Erie County Fair was going strong and my babies are turning(now turned)4! Where did the time go? Every year on their birthday I write them a "Love Letter". I do this for them and for me. I want to remember where my state of mind was when they turned...4! So here it goes...
Emerson- Awww MY Emmy! You are my monster boy. You are so smart and so sweet but you have a temper like your mommy and for that I'm sorry. Of all the gentics I could have given you my temper is something I wish would have skipped a generation. You are my snuggler. You love to curl up on my lap and say "tick me mom". I of course ablidge. You have this raspy voice that I hope will not disapear after your tonsilectomy(August 22, 2011). You make me smile when you carry your "Gonky" around. It is old and ragedy but you love it so.You adore Curious George, memorizing movies and you swim like a fish. I look at you and see this sweet little man who doesn't want to potty train but stay my baby for just a little while longer. I love you My Emmy. Love, Mommy
Maxim- My Max. You are so smart. The things you do just shock me. You can master any video game we put in your hands. The iPad is your drug of choice. You have won ever level of every Angry Birds game. You have just mastered the potty and love a good HIGH FIVE after pooping! You have your blankie that you carry around with you and curl up in when your tired. You are the only kid that sleeps through the night and in your own bed. You love to be smooched and have the sweetest little voice. You promised to always kiss your mommy before bed and to love me with ALL YOUR FARTS! I love you more then words can describe! Love, Mommy
Alexander- My sweet Alex. You are "the man" of the group. You have been potty trained for 6 months. You talk like your grown and you are the one the other boys send to me with messages. You have these amazing blue eyes that say "give me what ever I ask for". It ususally works too. You are obsessed with Spiderman and have been wearing a costume for 2 weeks straight. You will go anywhere and try anything. My little adventurer, You love to spend time with Austin and Grandma. You show kindness and compassion for others. You are a monster at times but can always make others smile. I love you Bubba! Love, Mommy