Friday, September 2, 2011

Washington DC

Now I know I said "To be continued" a long time ago but these kids are growing so fast and they keep me SO busy that I barely have time to sit down. So here is what happened in a nut shell: When we planned our trip to Virginia beach we never intended on going anywhere afterwards. We had planned to take a few days to get there and a few days to get home. We would only stop to rest at a hotel for the night somewhere in between destinations. On the thursday before our saturday departure I mentioned to David that I would really like to take the kids to The Smithsonian. Well, apparently that's all I had to say because my husband started planning a trip to Washington that second. We would stay at the Hilton downtown right near the Air & Space Museum so we could walk to the Museums with ease. The only problem was we had only brought one double stroller and one single. Meaning one of the triplets would have to walk everywhere. Unfortunately this lead to all 3 of the triplets not wanting to be in the stroller. UGH...Not a well thought out plan. Until we plopped Alex up on top of the stroller and away we went. NO WE WEREN'T A SPECTICLE!!!!! Hahah. I swear we got more looks then the museum exhibits. The first day was great. The intense heat had broke for a while so it was under 100 degrees. This made it perfect site seeing weather. We went to Air and space but they were closing so we spent only about a half hour then headed out to "Mall" where we marveled at all the big museums and people. We walked to the Washington Monument and even got a far off look at the White house. Austin wanted to know if "Barack" was home but we couldn't tell. The Dahli Llama was visiting though. He asked why they would want a Llama in the white house? This caused me to chuckle! The next day we headed out again to Air & Space and even checked out the Natural History Museum. We quickly realized our kids are just way to young for this adventure so we left without seeing much. To them, the excitement was people watching. They watched us and we watched them! They loved the HUGE monuments we went to and thought Lincoln was cool. The spiders that were everywhere outside were cooler then the monument it self though. Most deffinately the street vendor foods won out as the coolest part of the vacation. I think we'll wait a while before venturing to our nations capitol again. Perhaps when they are teenagers or have children of their own!