Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Party Time!

This year we decided to tone down the Birthday festivities. There would be no equpment rental and no stress. Just close family and friends to celebrate the triple trouble turning 4. First we had a mini party on their actual birthday that consisted of breakfast birthday cake and a trip to the fair. unfortunately the kids and I had a terrible stomach virus so we had car pukes and whiney kids. It turned out to be a better then expected day though. The triplets rode the rides with Austin and we had help from my sister Adrianne, my mom and my dear friends Mike & Kelly. Griffin was a bear but got over it when he was able to run free and visit the petting zoo. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. UGH! I can only do SO much! We had the party on August 20th right here in our yard. We set up the bounce house and cleaned the pool. We cooked food and had my incredible friend Jenn make 3 diffrent cakes since my lil monsters are incredibly different in their likes now. All in all it was an amazing day with perfect weather. The kids didn't seem to mind the scaled down version of their day. I really don't think they noticed at all. They ran around, swimmed, beat up the pinata and played, then got hopped up on cake until they crashed! Thank you to everyone who came out!!!!